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BNB chain, NFT market, and the untold tale of sales activity

In recent weeks, the world of digital assets has collapsed. The NFT market is at the mercy of that. However, the market is trying to reverse with the recent surge in NFT sales.

Now, you may ask who will be the new winner of the revamped NFT market. The sparkling light of this crimson pool is the BNB blockchain.

Build and build!

Among the new major faces of the NFT world is Binance’s BNB blockchain. Far from the top before Terra and 3AC crashed, BNB has grown exponentially in the last few weeks. Call it luck and call it good timing, but BNB has succeeded in launching the game at great timing in crypto space. Last week’s chart ranked third in NFT blockchain sales after Ethereum and Solana.

Source: Messari

The headwinds of the entire cryptographic area worked in favor of BNB. BNB chain sales reached a record high on May 31, when sales reached $ 2.25 million. Interestingly, I was able to keep floating during the June crash. Towards the end of the month, BNB recorded over 4,000 unique buyers and over $ 1.6 million in sales. The data here show a very positive chart of BNB with new web3 ambitions.

BNB genius

Last week, BNB’s two NFT collections stood out. “Day of Right Club Tokens” and “FGDNFT” have increased their sales and ranked in the top 15 of this week’s NFT collection.

The Day of Right club’s token collection has grown by a whopping 195% during the week. The collection has sales of $ 2.85 million and is in the top 10 of the list. The collection was launched in early June 2022 and managed $ 3.15 million in the first month.

Source: Day of Right Club Token / CryptoSlam

On the other hand, FGDNFT is another BNB collection that has made great strides in the market. Sales exceeded $ 1.86 million, a significant increase of 532% in a week.

This collection was just released in May. However, it has grown many times over the past few weeks. July sales averaged $ 3.7 million, already higher than May and June sales.

Source: FGDNFT / CryptoSlam

The BNB ecosystem celebrated its breakout year in 2022. It comes when the wider crypto market is operating under bearish pressure.


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