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Coca-Cola to Release a Pride Series NFT Collection on Polygon (MATIC)


  • Coca-Cola has announced plans to release the NFT collection of the Pride series to celebrate the LGBTQIA + community.
  • Coca-Cola collaborates with artists to advocate Rich Munisi.
  • The Pride series NFT collections are created on the Polygon Network (MATIC).

The world-renowned Coca-Cola beverage company has announced the launch of its Pride series NFT collection to celebrate the LGBTQIA + community. Each NFT is unique and “is aimed at shining a color-filled light on the members of the community and spreading the message of love.”

Coca-Cola works with designers to uphold the rights of South African-born Rich Munisi, an LGBTQIA +. The Coca-Cola team further noted that Rich Munisi’s artwork “is pushing the boundaries of the concept of identity and community.” They explained:

The artwork for his Coca-Cola Pride collection is inspired by the lasting idea that energy cannot be destroyed. It can only be transferred, reformatted, locked up, or released.

Love is similar. It can be passion, darkness, trust, sorrow, and so on, but it’s always there.

These free forms represent both the permanence of love and its changing state. They are to remind us of the power within us all to choose what will happen to love. Love is what we make. Choose to love freely.

136 NFTs on the Polygon Network (MATIC).

Rich Mnisi and Coca-Cola will help create 136 NFTs currently being created on the Polygon Network (MATIC). Some NFTs are already listed on OpenSea. As shown in the screenshot below, the minimum price for NFTs in the Coca-Cola Pride series is now 1 Ethereum.

Revenues from NFT sales donated to charities focused on LGBTQIA +

In addition, Coca-Cola commissioned art, hoping that each NFT would “enhance visibility by radiating the entire spectrum of colors in the community and spreading a simple message of love.”

In addition, all proceeds from the NFT’s first sale will be donated to a charity that serves the LGBTQIA + community. For the first 12 months, proceeds will be donated directly to Rich Mnisi’s LGBT QIA + charity, OUT. This organization is the second oldest organization in South Arica and specializes in providing physical and mental health care to the LGBTQIA + community.


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