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Crema Finance Hacker Negotiates With Defi Project’s Team, Returns $8 Million in ETH and SOL – Bitcoin News

Following the July 2, 2022 hack, the team behind the decentralized finance (defi) protocol Crema Finance detailed that the hackers returned about $ 8 million in crypto assets as a result of negotiations. .. According to the team, the hacker has agreed to receive a prize of 45,455 Solana in a white hat.

Hackers return $ 8 million in cryptocurrency to Crema Finance

July 2, 2022, Crema Finance of defi project Abuse Cryptocurrency assets of about $ 8.7 million. according to A flash loan attack was used against blockchain audit firm Ottersec to suck up $ 8,782,446 worth of digital currencies.

Crema Finance Temporarily interrupted We have started investigating programs and exploits. On July 5, Crema Finance said the study was making “significant progress.”

“By tracking the original gas source of the hacker’s address, we targeted suspicious identities that may be related to the hacking incident. After further verification, new updates will be shared.” Crema Finance. Said on tuesday. In addition, the decentralized project team detailed that they received a response on the chain from suspicion of a hacker.Crema Finance I got it:

We have verified its credibility and have begun the negotiation process.

Most of the $ 2 billion of cryptocurrencies stolen in 2022 came from Defi exploits

Seems to be after the negotiation process and rewards of 45,455 bounties Solana (SOL)The hacker returned two big sums ETH And SOL.

“After long negotiations, the hacker agreed to receive 45,455 SOL as a white hat bounty. This confirms the receipt of 6,064. ETH +23,967.9 SOL for 4 transactions … Follow-up reward plan will be released within 48 hours. “

The decentralized finance (defi) protocol was the victim of numerous hacks in 2022. Even in the first quarter alone $ 1.3 billion cryptocurrency Stolen from a person, exchange, or defi protocol. 97% of the $ 1.3 billion came from decentralized finance exploits, and $ 670 million was stolen from decentralized finance exploits in the second quarter.

Most of the ciphers stolen from the decentralized finance exploit in the second quarter of 2022 came from four different projects. report Written by Immunefi. 4 projects include Beanstalk, Harmony Horizon BridgeMirror protocol, and Fei protocol.

Shortly before announcing the success of communicating with hackers, Crema Finance detailed that it had submitted a new codebase for auditing to a blockchain security company. Slow mist.. “After the new audit is complete, the Crema protocol will be up and running again,” said the Crema Finance team. Said..

Occasionally, some defi projects are fortunate enough to be able to negotiate with attackers, and hackers decide to return some or all of the stolen funds. There are many attempts to talk to and reward hackers, but most defi projects can’t reach out to attackers and end up eating up losses.

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