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CX Daily: Will the Bear Market End the Blockchain Funding Frenzy?

Blockchain /

Details: Will the bear market end the blockchain funding frenzy?

Investors invested cash in cryptocurrencies and blockchain companies at an unprecedented pace in 2022, But some say This trend will slow as the bear market diminishes its desire for speculative investment.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain companies raised at least $ 26.4 billion in 992 transactions in the first five months of the year, recording at the same time last year, according to data from Cryptocurrency funding database Dove Metrics. It’s tripled from the $ 8.8 billion that was spent.

Bitcoin tumble transmission Thai tech stocks from start to finish in the world

New Oriental /

Analysis: New Oriental livestreaming was a hit, but hurdles to long-term success remain

Pivot to livestreaming e-commerce by Chinese tutor giant New Oriental Take off in the first half of June Thanks to the attention of auspicious social media, the ability of a struggling company to sustain this success depends on product selection and quality, and supply chain management.

Once China’s largest private education company, New Oriental Education and Technology Group Inc. has transformed itself since Beijing launched a thorough crackdown on commercial private education that destroyed the company’s business last summer. I have been struggling to try.

Health code /

Local authorities have been punished for abusing China’s health legislation

Four Zhengzhou officials and one big data company executive were punished, local Graftbuster said Wednesday, a Covid control system to prevent them from robbing sick local banks. After being found to have been abused.

According to a local official statement, the decision to abuse this system was made by Feng Xianhama, deputy secretary of the Political Law Committee of the Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee, and Zhang Lin Lin, an employee of the city’s anti-epidemic authorities. Discipline inspection agency.

Finance and economy

China’s financial regulators are curbing the issuance of structured bonds.

Bonds /

Xiangtan Construction Investment Banned Bond Borrowing for Two Years

China’s Interbank Bond Market Regulatory Authority Punished another company A third such penalty within two years for issuing debt certificates in violation of the rules and disrupting market order.

Xiangtan Construction Investment Ltd. Co. has been banned from borrowing money in the bond market for two years and has been ordered to make a comprehensive remedy for the problems exposed in the violation of regulations, the National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors (NAFMII). ) Said on Tuesday. statement. NAFMII is a self-regulatory body for the interbank market backed by the Central Bank of China.

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Hong Kong Monetary Authority Buy local dollars at a record pace when the pegs are tested

opinion: The possibility of tariff rollbacks will not change the U.S. strategy to contain China


In April 2020, China's Evergrande 68, Xiecun, Panyu District, Panyu District, Xiecun Sports Area, was divided into industrial areas, and was declared as a general investment. Annual industrial investment use.

Evergrande has rocked the Chinese real estate industry and the global bond market since the liquidity crisis intensified at the end of last year.

property /

Evergrande says the debt restructuring plan is scheduled for the end of July

Debt-rich real estate developer ChinaEvergrande Group reconfirmation Preliminary debt restructuring plans can be expected by the end of July in the company’s latest efforts to alleviate creditors’ concerns about their ability to repay debt heaps.

With over $ 300 billion in debt, Evergrande has shaken the Chinese real estate industry and the global fixed income market ever since. Liquidity crisis Escalated at the end of last year Missed payment A $ 260 million bond guarantee causes cross-default offshore debt.

Chinese developers accept Wheat, garlic for down payment

Insider Trading /

Dismissed head of a Chinese real estate company alleges conspiracy in allegations of insider trading

Former Head of Real Estate Developer in China Counterattacking the accusation Insider trading that led to his recent detention by police, claiming he was the target of a plot.

Lu Junsi, a former chairman of Gree Real Estate Co. Ltd. (GRE), is under investigation after police in Shangrao, a city in Jiangxi province in eastern China, reported six individuals for insider trading. Said that he had committed an illegal act. It was distributed on the Internet on Sunday.


According to a survey, about 80% of Chinese logistics companies report a decline in profits in the first five months.

Almost 80% of Chinese logistics companies Reported that their profits have diminished Industry research shows that during the first five months, cash crunches from weakening demand, rising costs, and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic continued to weigh on businesses.

More than 60% of respondents surveyed by the China Logistics and Purchasing Federation saw road freight volumes plummet by 5% to 30% year-on-year between January and May, according to a report released by industry groups on Tuesday.

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Apple Jobs Shows CarPlay push in China

TikTok gets rights Stream FIFA World Cup

Long lead /

Chinese history offers Lessons on maintaining charitable donations


Chinese swimmer wins in Budapest


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