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Fate/Grand Order Metaverse Space Open for Fifth Anniversary

Hosted by Aniplex and Lasengle Fate / Grand Order It’s a panel at the 2022 Anime Expo, but fans who can’t attend have a place to go to celebrate the imminent 5th anniversary of the game. that place? “Metaverse”.special Fate / Grand Order The Metaverse Virtual Space will open on July 1, 2022, allowing fans to see some sights on their PC or mobile device.

Check out the tweets from the official account of the game that promotes Fate / Grand Order Metaverse space. It’s worth pointing out that this is just a 3D virtual space, and although recently associated with the term “Metaverse”, it has nothing to do with NFTs, blockchain projects, or cryptocurrencies.Hosting app get together It is a popular “social VR” app VRChat, Allows users to explore and gather in virtual space with or without a VR headset.

Interested fans should download get together Install the app on your PC or mobile device and register for a free account. Once registered, you can access the specials by accessing this link or the tweets above. Fate / Grand Order Metaverse space via a nearby portal.

Check out the video below recorded by Siliconera get together Explore 3D space.

Upon entering the portal, users teleport to a space decorated like a parade in a busy city.While inside FGO 5th anniversary space, users get together Avatar has been replaced with a version of Rika Fujimaru, as seen in Fate / Great Order Learning by Manga series. There they can roam, voice chat with other users, and ride a buggy similar to the ShadowBorder mobile base.

The Fate / Grand Order There are several attractions in the Metaverse besides the parade area. On the one hand, three portals lead to the reconstruction of the scene from the second, fourth and fifth cosmos of the Lost Belt Story. One scene reminds us of the battle with the goddess Demeter, another reminds us of the battle with Surtr, and the third scene places the player on top of Vimana in Arjuna overlooking the Lost Belt in India.

The second “Game Center” attraction is the Noble Fantasm Gallery, where users can pick up and fire Excalibur from Altria, the Triumphal Arch of Napoleon, Gae Bulg from Cu Chulainn, and Enumaerish from Gilgamesh. Behind the gallery, there is a shooting range where you can pick up and throw out the twin swords of Emiya while hitting the insect-like crest worm of Zouken Matou.

The third attraction is a short roller coaster ride set as the opening theme for. Fate / Great Order Learning by Manga Adaptation of animation. The compact nature of the space means that it is a place where players are likely to encounter proximity-based voice chat.

The last attraction of Fate / Grand Order The Metaverse Space is a small exhibition dedicated to the Singularity chapter and the Pseudo-Singularity of the Remnant Phantom Storyline.

The Fate / Grand Order Metaverse space on PCs, Macs, and mobile devices get together App. FGO It is available on Android and iOS in itself.


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