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Grenada’s Ambassador to WTO, Speaks About Blockchain and Digital Economy

Armand Sirinyan

Justin Sun plans to leverage its experience in the blockchain world to help modernize Grenada’s economy.

The founders of TRON joined the Grenada government as WTO ambassador last December and discussed important issues such as economic digitization and blockchain technology at the 12th Ministerial Conference.

While talking about small island developing states, Sun touched on issues such as ecology, e-commerce, the economy, and other issues that exist in the world. Conferences generally cover many topics such as security, protection, e-commerce moratorium, and trade facilitation. With the exception of Justin Sun, many industry experts also spoke at the conference.

While representing Grenada, Sun said the country is heavily dependent on the multilateral trading system and needs help to create a digital economy that will help the country’s economic infrastructure face future crises. Said.

According to a video shared by the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States, Sun expressed concern about Grenada’s problems with rising commodity prices and environmental emergencies. This can help mitigate the implementation of e-commerce and a flexible digital economy.


Justin Sun plays a major role in Grenada’s economic development by supporting cooperation between Grenada and other countries to support economic growth and the implementation of digital technologies. His main goal is to bring digital transformation to the country and prepare it for the rollover of the global economy.

Sun is one of the most experienced representatives of the digital asset industry, which founded the TRON network in 2017. With over $ 6 billion in capital, TRON has become one of the most important projects in the cryptocurrency market. Sun plans to leverage its experience in blockchain technology to digitize Grenada’s trading, investment and governance processes.


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