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Groups Around U.S. Urge Biden Administration to Address Cryptocurrency Mining’s Energy, Climate and Environmental Impacts

Washington DC — —

On Monday, more than 50 community groups across the country submitted comments to the Biden administration to address the harmful effects of “proof of work” cryptocurrency mining in the region. In addition to the comments submitted outlining state-specific concerns by groups in York, Pennsylvania, Montana, Kentucky, and Texas, Earth Justice calls on federal agencies to study the climate and energy impacts of Proof of Work. Mining that supported the National Public Interest Group.

The Biden administration will investigate a series of issues related to “responsible development of digital assets” in a March 2022 presidential decree. The central issue raised by all groups is the scrutiny of the energy consumed by digital currencies that rely on proof of work to verify transactions, which undermines efforts to reduce climate and local pollution. I will make it. Earthjustice joins the call for regulatory efforts to curb electricity usage and pollution associated with digital currencies that rely on proof of work.

“Bitcoin miners are keen to take advantage of Pennsylvania subsidies and loose regulations. Power plants that burn highly polluted waste coal have turned into mining operations, portable generators and mining hardware. It also appeared at the cracked gas well site and even at the nuclear power plant without notice. The power plant has miners. Not only do taxpayers and payers pay for it, but we all get polluted. We are paying for the increase in. ” Rob Alternburg of Penn FuturePennsylvania

“During the 2021 session in Kentucky, lawmakers passed significant incentives for capital investment and tax cuts to attract these crypto companies, but the benefits to the communities they serve are enormous. I haven’t seen a number of jobs and the impact on the environment is significant. ” Kentucky Conservation Commission Lane BaldmanKentucky

“Communities like me near the Greenwich facility in Finger Lakes, NY, have been damaged by the reopening of a once-closed fossil fuel plant, primarily using electricity generated to mine Bitcoin. It is endangering and damaging our health, air and water. Our thriving agricultural and tourism economy. This is an intergovernmental panel on climate change that avoids the most disastrous consequences of climate change. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions for now or never is a very urgent issue, despite investing millions of dollars to remain unregulated. Let’s move the industry back. We call on the Biden administration to take swift action and adopt a policy of taking a hard and swift approach to this energy-intensive industry. ” Aviva Badington for the Commission to Protect Finger Lakesnew york

“Energy demand in this little unregulated industry poses a serious threat to local, state and federal climate goals. To prevent Montanas from facing higher energy prices and increased climate impacts. It’s time for the federal government to intervene and add sideboards, from a gloomy industry with an insatiable desire for electricity. ” Ann Hedges of Montana Environmental Information CenterMontana

“Cryptocurrency mining consumes large amounts of electricity, puts more strain on the suspicious Texas power grid, produces more air emissions that contribute to climate change, and raises electricity prices for locals.” James Klein of the Coastal Bend Sierra Club Branch,Texas

“Our grid has been held hostage in Texas. After these glyphers deliberately raised electricity prices and weakened democracy, we decided to pay these glyphers to stop unwanted mining. Coerced. Elected officials have ignored the concerns of community members and hid AEP in search of a higher rate, even though they approved adding 600 MW to the grid. ” Chris Ferran for Greater Good,Texas

“Politicians have been gambling on the Texas grid for years. When it finally failed, millions of Texas froze in their homes. Cryptography is the latest bad bet, Ted. Politicians like Cruz have acquired, but crypto mining is a grid that offers nothing to us, but it’s a huge new source of demand. To reduce demand, concrete things like battery storage and weather resistance. You need a grid solution. Crypto doesn’t offer this. The industry value for the grid is about the same as the products you sell. ” Adrienne Shelly for Public Citizen,Texas

“Across Finger Lakes and New York, outside speculators are invading our community, destroying our natural resources, kneeling local businesses and preventing them from achieving important climate goals. The Governor needs to intervene and regulate this dangerous and growing industry in order to enact sound energy policies and put the moratorium on climate-killing crypto mining. It’s literally insane. ” Yvonne Taylor for Guardians of Lake Senecanew york

“You can’t waste precious time hitting moles at the local and state levels. To the federal government, a blast of Bitcoin mining that disrupts climate policy, pollutes communities and destroys energy supplies. We urge you to take immediate steps to deal with it. Electricity prices are skyrocketing during the climate crisis. ” Ellen Weininger for Grassroots Environmental Educationnew york


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