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Istanbul Blockchain Week founder Erhan Korhaliller discusses why Turkey is one of the hottest places for crypto

CryptoSlate had the chance to put together plans for the much-anticipated Istanbul Blockchain Week with Erhan Korhaliller, founder and CEO of EAK Digital, the web3 communications and events agency behind some of the most creative IRL events in the industry.

Why is the Turkish market crazy about cryptocurrencies?

Turkey has been battling high inflation and interest rates long before it started penetrating international markets. Currently, Turkey’s official inflation rate is 78.6% in her June. This has led Turkish people to look for alternative assets to maintain and grow their wealth.

Turkey also has a very successful mobile gaming market. A recent report stated that he 79% of adults in Turkey play the game, so people are used to exchanging tokens and coins, and in her upcoming surge of Web3 games. Turkey is expected to play an important role. We will see it in the next few years.

What are the hottest areas of the web3 industry in Turkey at the moment?

Turkey has a huge amount of retailers. This has led many of the major exchanges to increase their presence in Turkey, including Binance, Huobi and FTX. In discussions with exchanges, it has been regularly said that Turkey is among the top 2/3 markets for trading on exchange platforms. In addition to international exchanges, there are now big domestic exchanges such as BTC Turk and Paribu that record huge trading volumes.

Turkey has always been a huge market for mobile games and there continues to be a very large gaming community in Turkey that is ripe for web3. This will come to fruition at Istanbul Blockchain Week for the W3E Championship, his first ever Web3 Gaming Championship in the world.

What inspired you to organize Istanbul Blockchain Week?

Besides my Turkish heritage as a founder, eek digitalis a web3 creative communication agency and PR partner since 2017 with many events and has worked with prominent clients such as Binance, XX Network, Theta Network and Neo. And. In 2019, I decided to investigate the situation of web3 events in Turkey and was very disappointed with the results.

No major events were held in Turkey, and the ones I could find included questionable speakers and characters in spaces usually known for shillings and questionable projects. Adoption has exploded while Turkey’s economy has struggled. This inspired us to launch Istanbul Blockchain Week, the premier web3 event in Eurasia. This event invites real builders, educators, sort him leaders, top his businessmen from Turkey and abroad to launch an event that Turkey can be truly proud of.

What are the current regulations for cryptocurrencies in Turkey?

Using cryptocurrencies as a payment method is illegal in Turkey, but trading cryptocurrencies is not. Apart from this, they are not clear regulatory guidelines set by the government. President Erdogan said the law on crypto assets is ready to be submitted to parliament, but there is no word on when this will be implemented. No definite date. We want regulation that allows room for innovation and growth to continue in the cryptocurrency sector in Turkey.

What may surprise some people is that Turkish domestic car brand TOGG has announced that it will work with Avalanche Blockchain after President Erdogan met with Tesla CEO Elon Musk. He also said that Turkey should become one of the major countries in the Metaverse world in January this year.

What are the main highlight events of Istanbul Blockchain Week?

The week kicks off with NFT Day, a day dedicated to all things NFT/Metaverse and Gaming. This will be a hand-picked line-up of leaders in his NFT space within Turkey and internationally. Now on to the main event of the week, IstanBlock. This two-day event of his will be joined by speakers from the Turkish government, large multinational corporations, and of course his leaders of web3’s influential sort.

Following the Main Event, we are very excited to host the W3E Championship, the world’s first ever Web3 Games Championship. In Istanbul, he has his 600-seat esports arena dedicated for championship finals, including some of web3’s top games. Before the finalists descend on Istanbul for the final epic showdown, gamers will have to take part in qualifying tournaments for the championship in August and September.

Who is the headline name scheduled to speak at Istanbul Blockchain Week?

This year’s Istanbul Blockchain Week focuses on different sectors of the industry, divided into different events. Alongside his web2 brand of mainstream entry into web3, you can expect a large number of speakers from the leaders of web3. It’s fascinating to see the likes of Tiffanys and Adidas making their forays into web3 these days, and we’d love to host an event to promote such partnerships.

Additionally, at Istanbul Blockchain Week’s flagship event, IstanBlock, attendees will meet leading figures from web3 and legendary cryptographers and pioneers like David Chaum, alongside top venture capital funds and institutions. You can expect people. NFT Day and Web3Esports Championships will also feature a strong NFT/Gaming/Metaverse presence, with speakers from some of the biggest games in AAA+ gaming joining the conversation.

Why should people participate in Istanbul Blockchain Week?

Istanbul Blockchain Week is entering the international community in Turkey’s cryptocurrency community, engaging with traders, influencers, thought leaders, governments, and large multinational corporations looking for partners to enter web3. It’s a great time to build.

Istanbul Blockchain Week offers a variety of events suitable for different profiles of attendees. Whether you’re a he NFT enthusiast, a major company/bank pivoting to web3, or an avid gamer, there’s something for you.

Istanbul is an iconic historic city and the excitement for web3 is palpable. Just spend half a day in Istanbul to see the scale of this place. Everywhere you look there seems to be references to cryptocurrencies, from advertisements at airports, local trams and buses, to actual money changers outside the famous Grand Bazaar.

Turkish people are some of the most enthusiastic and excited about web3 and cryptocurrency and this event is a major opportunity for projects that want to reach a new receptive audience or meet the existing Turkish community. is.

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