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Justin Kan Fractal NFT Gaming Market Arrives on Solana Blockchain a Few Days After Massive Crypto Scam!

Justin Kan’s new fractal NFT gaming market will debut a few days after the massive scams committed on the official crypto platform.

(Photo: Photo by JUST IN TALLIS / AFP via Getty Images)
The illustrated photo taken in London on December 30, 2021 shows a gold-plated souvenir cryptocurrency coin placed on the screen displaying the Crypto.com NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Marketplace. -Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are crypto assets stored on the blockchain and have unique identification metadata that distinguishes them from each other.

“Fractals are a market for gamers created by gamers. We believe that fractals will help new viewers discover the potential of NFT and the open game Metaverse,” co-founded Sandbox. Said Sebastien Borget.

Meanwhile, Twitch’s co-founders also shared the reasons for launching the new NFT gaming market. Justin Kan said he wants to develop an ideal virtual place to sell NFTs for gaming.

Thanks to the efforts of Kan and his team, blockchain gaming fans can expect more non-fungible tokens from various blockchain gaming companies such as Photon Finish, Panzerdogs, Mini Royale, Genopets and Caveworld. I did.

Justin Kan’s Fractal NFT Game Market

According to the latest report from VentureBeat, the new fractal NFT game marketplace is already running on the Solana blockchain. This allows players to start trading in-game assets.

Justin Kan Fractal NFT Gaming Market arrives at Solana Blockchain a few days after a major crypto fraud!

(Photo: Photo by ROSLAN RAHMAN / AFP via Getty Images)
Taken April 7, 2021, this photo shows blockchain entrepreneur Vignesh Sundaresan. It is also known by his pseudonym MetaKovan and shows the non-fungible token (NFT) “Everydays: The First 5,000 Days” of digital artwork by artist Beeple at his home in Singapore. -Last month, programmers bought the world’s most expensive NFT for $ 69.3 million, emphasizing that virtual work has established itself as a new creative genre.

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They can do this using crypto wallet services such as Phantom. Gamers included in the first 100,000 members will also be offered unique fractal NFT and other giveaways.

Justin explained that these blockchain-based digital artworks will give him access to future benefits within the new gaming market.

At this time, Fractal is considered the first company to focus on selling NFTs of in-game value. With the advent of the fractal NFT gaming market, it is expected that other companies will release similar platforms.

Fractal’s recent large-scale crypto scam

Recently, TechCrunch reported that Fractal’s official NFT platform was attacked by a massive scam that stole about $ 150,000 in user funds.

The cybercriminals behind previous security breaches were able to access the company’s discord. Security experts explained that they used the Discord bot to send a malicious link to Fractal consumers asking them to create 3,333 NFTs for a single Solana coin.

At this time, it is still unclear if Fractal’s new NFT marketplace can be used completely safely. However, hackers are changing their focus on cryptocurrencies, which could attract other online attackers as well.

In other news, Element BSC’s GameFi Launchpad is already up and running. Meanwhile, MODA DAO and Filecoin have worked together to provide 2,000 years of blockchain music streaming.

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