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Microsoft Gives Grant To Blockchain-Based Web3 Game StarHeroes As Historic Partnership Gets Underway – Press release Bitcoin News

press release. Many agree on StarHeroes, a breakthrough achievement. Recently received a Microsoft grantAs a result, blockchain-based games now have access to Azure PlayFab, joining legendary collections of games such as Forza Horizon, Sea of ​​Thieves, and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.

This grant continues to represent a fundamental interest by a growing number of institutional investors, companies, and large organizations to embed blockchain technology into their daily operations, services, products, and functions. This indicates a shift in attitudes of major companies. It’s also the first time his Web3 game has received such a grant from a big company like Microsoft.

What makes StarHeroes different?

StarHeroes is a third-person space shooter featuring dynamic space battles in a sizable world open to players to explore and battle in two different multiplayer modes: Ranking and Adventure. The work also represents a Web3-based Play And Earn model, where players can earn real money in return for playing the game. Because everyone can try their hand at this game without investing any money and believe it or not, you can earn real money just by playing it for free to players.

While it’s true that many elements of this title come in the form of virtual, unique tokens, that doesn’t mean there aren’t free-to-play alternatives. Again, StarHeroes is a game for everyone, and as a result, both blockchain his players and traditional gamers are focused on skill, determination, strategy, and player cooperation. , can get the chance to compete in the same game. In terms of actual gameplay, StarHeroes focuses on player rivalry and engagement, with both offensive and defensive units available to build the most competitive teams (fleets). As such, the game offers his PvP scenes competitive and vibrant. This is his one of the most popular types of gameplay found in many game genres today.

historic partnership

The creators recently spoke about the aforementioned important achievement, namely StarHeroes receiving a grant from tech giant Microsoft. This grant allows us to work with reputable studios such as Ubisoft and Microsoft Studios. All of this opens the door to great success as it creates many incredible opportunities for development for both StarHeroes and its developers. His Ubisoft in particular is known for creating popular titles like ‘Prince of Persia’ and ‘Assassin’s Creed’ games, just to name a few.

Of course, some players may be skeptical of the concept of a Play And Earn or NFT-verse game, but StarHeroes shows a lot of potential in many ways. Microsoft recognizes this game and its potential, so naturally big companies should think about this too. Perhaps more importantly, our partnership with Microsoft opens the door to blockchain gaming in general. The goal is for many other titles to have similar opportunities to work with major companies in the future.

What future possibilities does Star Heroes have?

The game has been in development for over two years, and now StarHeroes is finally getting some serious traction, rapidly making all the headlines in both cryptocurrencies and traditional media. That’s why the development team includes a number of former employees of CD Projekt Red who worked on games like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Cyberpunk 2077, so it’s no surprise that he spent 2 years developing StarHeroes. It is quite possible that the year was well spent.

Generally speaking, the StarHeroes founder sees great potential in blockchain-based eSports games as well. While these are not mainstream yet, StarHeroes could be a good start for blockchain gaming in that it can capture the attention of traditional players. With that in mind, StarHeroes’ gameplay has been changed to organize an eSports tournament. This is “League of Legends”, “Starcraft”, “DOTA2”.

Simply put, StarHeroes has the potential to be successful not only on its own, but also with other blockchain-based games.

About Star Heroes

StarHeroes is a blockchain-based third-person space shooter game powered by collectible NFTs. It features dynamic space battles, along with a massive world open to exploration and combat with his two different multiplayer modes, Adventure and Ranking. Players can build fleets and explore space while participating in epic space battles.

The Polish work is also an example of a Web3-based Play And Earn model. This allows gamers to earn real money instead of playing games. Again, the importance of our partnership with Microsoft cannot be underestimated as this is an industry first and really demonstrates what StarHeroes can do.

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