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NFTs Return to Minecraft, Coinbase Provides ENS Usernames

  • Vulcan Forged Game Studio Completes $8M Series A Round Led by Skybridge Capital
  • Bored Ape Yacht Club and Azuki NFTs were the top selling NFTs in the last 7 days

NFT for Healthcare

NFT is committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The Women in Innovation Fund (WiN Fund) invests proceeds from NFT sales into women-led healthcare startups in Africa, addressing the United Nations’ third goal of health and well-being.

NFTs for good reason are a growing concept, and the benefits of blockchain for healthcare and democracy are being explored in countries with shaky leadership.

According to Corinne Momal-Vanian, executive director of the Kofi Annan Foundation, women are becoming more sensitive to the health care needs of their communities. “As we have seen in Africa, women entrepreneurs can drive innovation, increase efficiency and really have a place in the healthcare ecosystem that governments cannot fill,” she said. Speaking at a roundtable conference next to the United Nations in New York this week…

Representatives of the World Health Organization and the World Economic Forum also attended.

WiN Fund co-founder Pradeep Kakkattil reminded the audience of “unacceptable” statistics. Despite the fact that women-led companies generate 35% higher returns than hers and generate six times the profits, only a fraction of her venture capital investments worldwide are in companies led by women. he is 2%. more work.

Coinbase partners with ENS

Coinbase has partnered with the Ethereum Naming Service (ENS) to create a unique Web3 username.

Built on top of the ENS infrastructure, Coinbase usernames are ENS subdomains that contain “.cb.id” instead of “.eth” at the end.

Users can then replace the 42-character address with a personalized wallet address.

Users who already own a .eth domain can now transfer ownership of their ENS name to a Coinbase wallet and choose either their Coinbase username or an existing ENS username as the primary username for that wallet. rice field.

.cb.id usernames are not tied to Ethereum and can be used on multiple networks to send and receive crypto.

Simplified wallet addresses skyrocketed in popularity in the last few months of the bear market.NFTGo data shows ENS registrations have increased 200% since July and total NFT sales have increased over the last three months. 80% increase in a month.

Latest NFT Loyalty Program: Scotch & Soda

Amsterdam-based lifestyle brand Scotch & Soda is enhancing its consumer loyalty program by launching an NFT-based membership to Club Soda 3.0.

Owners are granted exclusive access to merchandise and events, as well as the ability to collaborate with Scotch & Soda partners to create clothing.

Each NFT serves as a membership card for what is called the “Free Spirit” community of Scotch & Soda lovers.

Cloud software company Salesforce has selected Scotch & Soda to debut a pilot NFT cloud service to help companies create and manage NFTs.

NFTs are back in Minecraft?

Minecraft developer Mojang recently banned NFT support within Minecraft client and server applications, but MyMetaverse has found a way around the new restrictions.

The Metaverse company has reimplemented a playable NFT not only on Minecraft game servers, but also on a modified version of Grand Theft Auto (GTA).

MyMetaverse works with developers building third-party servers on top of Minecraft and GTA 5 core games using NFTs running on Efinity, a Polkadot parachain developed by gaming platform Enjin.

MyMetaverse CEO Simon Kertonegoro told Blockworks that it works in a similar way that WordPress allows the technology to be used to create custom websites. “These servers are instances of self-hosted, modified games that run independently of Mojang or Rockstar,” he said.

As such, Mojang and GTA’s parent company, Rockstar, have no formal affiliation with NFT.

“The modified version will allow the game to connect to crypto wallets and recognize in-game NFTs, allowing users to use them as in-game items,” he added.

GameFi in numbers

  • Blockchain game studio Vulcan Forged has secured $8 million in Series A funding led by SkyBridge Capital, an investment firm founded by former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci. The round also includes an option for him to invest $33 million. The funds will be used to accelerate the growth of Metascape. This is a play-and-earn feature that allows Vulcan users to build their own land in the metaverse. Vulcan Forged has around 200,000 active his users across 15 games and decentralized applications (dapps).
  • Blockchain game Splinterlands sold out its latest card pack version, Riftwatchers, in less than two minutes, pocketing $5.2 million in sales of 500,000 packs. According to the company, members of the community had bought 30,000 of his previous card packs within hours. 25 million SPS (Splinterlands native tokens) were immediately burned or sent to the SPS Foundation DAO.
  • Immortal Game, the company that brought the game of chess to Web3, has raised $15.5 million in two rounds, including a $12 million investment in July. TCG Crypto led the Series A round — backers Cassius, Greenfield One, Sparkle Ventures, Kevin Durant, Rich Kleiman his 35V, Blockwall, Kraken Ventures and Spice Capital also participated. We plan to use the funds to build our platform, and are currently in beta for users who want to opt-in to the game-play-to-earn system.

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