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[Podcast] Advancing Gender Parity in Tech – and the Metaverse

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Advancing Gender Equality in Technology and the Metaverse


Time stamp important moment
1:42 Increase the proportion of women in the workplace
6:08 Take action to make female talent more accessible and inclusive in tech
8:41 Celebrating the amazing women who create on blockchain and make the NFT space more inclusive
– Adriana Hoppenbrouwer, Co-Founder and COO, The Fabricant
– Maggie Love, Co-Founder and Director of W3BCLOUD, Founder of SheFi
– Krista Kim, contemporary artist
– Christine Theriot, Director of Strategic Partnerships, BFF
– Shannon Snow, COO, World of Women
– Bettina von Schlippe, Publisher, Vogue Singapore

The global picture of women’s representation in tech is improving, but more needs to be done to achieve gender equality. Deloitte Global predicts that by 2022, the share of women in the workforce will reach nearly 33% of her at the largest tech companies. This is her 2% increase over the previous year. The gender gap is widening in Web3 as well. The whole idea behind the open and decentralized model of the Metaverse is to create a space for equal opportunity. But female builders and creators are a minority in a very male-dominated space. In fact, her ArtTactic, an art market research firm, points out that in 2021, only 16% of her NFT sales will be won by female artists.

How can we raise and advance gender equality in technology and the metaverse, and celebrate how women are building innovation? In another special episode of “Innovation Without Boundaries,” Samsung Electronics America’s CMO We asked Michelle Crossan-Matos, , for her thoughts on how to break down prejudice. Later in the episode, take a behind-the-scenes look at NFT.NYC’s 837/NEXT from the “Women of Web3” panel highlighting the importance of female representation in Web3.

“Inclusion is not just part of D&I; it is the essence of D&I. I sincerely hope that.” – Samsung Electronics America CMO Michelle Crossan-Matos

“Web3 is a great space for anyone to come in. There are no barriers. If you have an idea or a passion, Web3 is the place to find your tribe.” Christa Kim, contemporary artist

“From this current financial system with less pay and less investment, we build markets, we become financiers, we create wealth and we talk about money. It will be something special.” – Maggie Love, co-founder and director of W3BCLOUD, founder of SheFi

About the podcast
Recorded from Samsung 837, our flagship experience center in the heart of NYC’s Meatpacking District, Samsung Electronics America sixth An episode of the Innovation Without Boundaries podcast that explores how new innovations can solve evolving consumer and social needs to create a more prosperous, equitable and sustainable future.


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