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Potential.com Launches NFT Module on its EdTech Platform

Empower the community

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Businesses and governments can use NFT capabilities to make community-based empowerment programs more sustainable and influential.

Artists, musicians, poets, photographers, and almost anyone can unleash their creativity through NFTs and build financial resilience while doing what they love. “

— ShadiBanna-CEO-potential.com

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, April 4, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/-Potential.com, the world’s number one software as a service (SaaS) empowerment platform, is a non-fungible token (NFT) to the award-winning EdTech. Added a module. Recruitment.

By doing so, major brands and government agencies using the potential.com platform for social impact and innovation initiatives can build on community growth by adding NFTs associated with the program. It came to be.

NFT modules can be used to increase loyalty and involvement within the community, enable the creation of exclusive events and workshops, and serve as a way to financially maintain initiatives.

Given the growing adoption of cryptocurrencies and the opportunities that can be built on blockchain technology, the NFT offering will also help raise public awareness of the various alternative revenue opportunities.

“Artists, musicians, poets, photographers, and almost everyone can turn areas of creative interest and passion into business opportunities. The NFT module on the potential.com platform is for us and our clients. Helps empower more and more individuals by helping them build financial resilience while doing what they like. “-Shadi Banna-CEO- potential.com

If you are interested in starting an organization, NGO, government, and social impact initiative and receiving more information about NFT modules, please contact nft@potential.com.

About Potential.com
Potential.com works with individuals, governments and businesses to support key social projects such as job creation, SMB and entrepreneurship development, innovation, community welfare, diversity and inclusiveness. It is a social enterprise.

Governments and major brands around the world are using Potential.com’s innovative empowerment platform to launch customized initiatives to help citizens and customers. Start up, expand your business, or improve your career outlook.

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