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TerraZero Technologies Inc. Built Miller Lite’s “Meta Lite Bar” in Decentraland to Showcase the First Big Game Commercial in the Metaverse

BIGG Digital Assets Inc. (“BIGG“) (CSE: BIGG; OTCQX: BBKCF)TerraZero expects the studio business to continue to grow with other global brands.

Those who build the Metaverse know that it is more than visible. Terra Zero’s studio lead and veteran game designer, Noodle, sees the Metaverse as the next level of super-immersive experiential storytelling. Building something for the Metaverse makes the experience for all users personal to them. Understanding that will reveal how to develop something that connects people in a meaningful way. “

Chief Experience Officer (CXO) Brandon F. Johnson The Meta Lite bar is seen as proof that we are looking to the future. “Think about how infinite this can be. Companies have long sought to be thought leaders and social creatures. Metaverse, in reality, enhances it in unrealistic ways. Experience gaming shows that brands and artists foster a community. The MetaLite bar shows that Miller Lite isn’t afraid to try something new, and they’re viewers. I care about having a great time. “

Ryan KeeferThe co-founder of BearNFT, TerraZero’s Chief Metaverse Officer and co-founder of BearNFT, sees the MetaLite bar as a sign of more in the future as brands jump into the Web3 version of entertainment. It’s ss ng peces, and it definitely proved the vision and know-how of doing a Metaverse build before getting started. Being at the forefront of Metaverse and being very proud to be the Chief Metaverse Officer of Terra Zero for this event. “

TerraZero Technologies Inc.about
TerraZero Technologies Inc. (“”TerraZero“) Founded by cryptocurrency and blockchain pioneers Dan Reitzik.. TerraZero is a vertically integrated Metaverse development group and a leading Web3.0 technology company specializing in Metaverse spaces. The Metaverse-agnostic vision develops, acquires, and finances Metaverse’s most promising companies, entrepreneurs, and developers, while further enhancing Metaverse usability to increase community engagement within the Metaverse and bringing the real world to life. It’s about creating a solution that connects to the Metaverse. , To create a new economy and user experience that will shape the future of Web3.0. TerraZero also owns digital real estate, providing offices and services to anyone interested in the Metaverse. In addition, TerraZero acquires, designs, builds and operates virtual assets and solutions to monetize the Metaverse ecosystem. Our business is divided into five divisions, including: (2) Advertising; (3) Data analysis; (4) Events and marketing. (5) Infrastructure. TerraZero aims to support the community, drive innovation and drive recruitment. For more information, please visit www.terrazero.com or contact us. [email protected]..

Precautions regarding future prospects

This news release contains “forward-looking information or statements.” This includes, but is not limited to, statements related to the company’s expectations and interests in the MetaLite event. Expected growth of our studio business. Establishing an early presence within the Metaverse provides the company with new user, branding, and marketing opportunities. Events, policies of conduct, and our technology and operational potential are all forward-looking information. All statements in this news release correspond to the events or developments we expect, except for historical facts. A description of the future outlook that will occur. We believe that such forward-looking statements are based on reasonable assumptions, but such statements do not guarantee future performance and actual results are not forward-looking statements. It can be very different. Such statements and information are based on many assumptions about our current and future business strategies and the environment in which we do business in the future. This includes product demand, the ability to successfully develop software, and the lack of regulations and laws. This hinders the company’s business operations, expected costs, the ability to secure sufficient capital to complete the business plan, the ability to reach goals, and the prices of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. While such estimates and assumptions are considered reasonable by our management, they are inherently exposed to significant business, economic, competitive and regulatory uncertainties and risks. Factors that may cause actual results to differ materially from those described in the forward-looking statements include failure to obtain regulatory approval, continued availability of capital and funds, technology failures, and business operations. In industries that include failure to obtain permits, the impact of technological changes, COVID-19 or other viruses and illnesses, company personnel, including stolen NFTs and cryptocurrencies from TerraZero or its customers, competition. , Security threats, impacts on the ability of consumers to manipulate and hire consumer sentiment towards TerraZero products, services and Metaverse technology In general, blockchain or server malfunctions, cyber attacks, data or information loss or corruption, new innovations Loss of technology use, such as failed product development, litigation, increased operating costs, increased labor costs, lower prices, number of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, obligations for counterparties to fail to fulfill contracts, government regulations, Loss of key employees and consultants, and general economic, market, or business conditions. The forward-looking statements contained in this news release are explicitly modified by this notice. Readers should be careful not to place excessive trust in information about future prospects. In addition, we are not obligated to comment on the expectations or statements of third parties.

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