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The 10th Global Blockchain Congress officially take place in Vietnam, Hanoi

Blockchain Congress is a private conference between investors and carefully selected blockchain projects aimed at raising funds. This special event is made up of over 100 investors with a total budget of over 100 $ 5 billion And, taking advantage of the highest quality of this conference, only 20 blockchain startups will be introduced to investors. The Global Blockchain Conference is a world-class event that brings high quality and value to all parties. Therefore, investors, especially start-up projects, are carefully selected. This will allow qualified investors (VCs, private equity firms, family offices, crypto funds, high net worth individuals) to work with digital asset startups through a series of pre-scheduled and pre-prepared one-on-one meetings. Rallyed and agreed immediately at the meeting. The Blockchain Congress also includes insightful speakers from the blockchain industry.

Focus on the top Crypto Trends in 2022

Recently, the Play2earn model and Metaverse are expected to continue to be the “next big thing”.In this 10th editionThe projects to participate in are diverse from DeFi, games, NFT to Metaverse. In particular, this 10th event will feature 10 discussion sessions throughout the event, each discussing the hottest and most worrisome topics in the world of blockchain today. The future of MetaFi, Web3, NFT ,.Presented by an insightful speaker in the blockchain industry. These topics promise to bring an explosive event to the blockchain space in 2022.

VietnamThe next destination as a new potential market

Vietnam It is considered worldwide as a potential market for blockchain technology development. Of the world’s top 200 blockchain companies Vietnam Takes pride in the group of five major blockchain technology countries, and the acceptance index for this new technology is five times that of the United States. Therefore, opportunities are open to business in Vietnam. The Global Blockchain Congress, which has the highest growth potential in the region, Vietnam As the next destination to fire the first shot Asia For the potential market for blockchain technology development.

As predicted in 2022 Southeast Asia-Focused venture capital funds, Vietnam.. Furthermore, in the field of blockchain technology, Vietnam In addition, leading projects have emerged as a series of industry phenomena, which is the main point of the 10th Global Blockchain in this amazing country.

With Blockchain Vietnam Asia

This prestigious event is co-sponsored by V2B Labs, D.Lion, Vietnam Blockchain Union and is supported by the Vietnam Digital Communications Association, a socially specialized organization of people working in the field of digital media. Raise Vietnam’s values ​​at this global event.

The Global Blockchain Congress has made a name for itself with the presence of reputable investors designated at the latest events. Dubai.. The ninth event was successful in Flying Color with the participation of popular VCs / partners such as: Octopus Network, Kyber Network, X21, VBI, YGG SEA, MoonKnight Labs, KardiaChain, Tomochain, Etc., attracts a series of start-ups to jump in and raise money. This 10th edition involves a number of high value partners (VDCA, MoonKnights), Golden Sponsors, and qualified VCs such as: GFS Ventures, YGG SEA, NewTribe Capital, CryptoClear, Binance SEA, Blockchain Founders Fund, Hobbit Investment, x21 Capital, Near Protocol, MoonKnight Labs, Bluewheel Capital, Vulcan Forged and many more. GBC is highly expected to prosper and succeed, opening a gateway for entrepreneurs to extend their projects into crypto space.

In addition to co-organizers and strategic partners, the Global Blockchain Congress also includes prominent sponsors from around the world, including: Prasaga, FOTA As a global sponsor Cleo engine, open food chain As a gold sponsor Titan of Wars, Payfoot, Sazsming Silver sponsors and bronze sponsors Taroverse, Silverlight, Brings maximum value to all involved.

Please register below to participate in this exclusive event. bit.ly/1st-GBC-Vietnam

For more information on the Global Blockchain Congress, please visit our website. https://gbc-vietnam.com/

About V2B Lab:

V2B Labs is a visionary R & D company engaged in blockchain services, a leading laboratory for research, investment and development of blockchain related solutions, technologies, products and services, and blocks on a global scale. It aims to accelerate the transformation of the chain.

About D.Lion:

D.lion Media & Solutions has a foundation based on the characteristics of dandelions, and the 360 ​​pistol provides 360-degree comprehensive information and solution consulting in media-marketing-market development-for individuals, organizations and brands in all fields. Represents. The six uplifting pedals are a symbol of D.lion’s six core missions, which, like dandelions, soar the value and performance of partners.

About VBU:

Vietnam Blockchain Union (VBU) under the Vietnam Digital Media Association (VDCA) Vietnam.. The union brings together experts and organizations working in the blockchain space with the mission of connecting communities and advising regulators to develop policies and legal frameworks for blockchain and digital assets. Vietnam..

About VDCA:

Vietnam Digital Communication Association (VDCA) is the most prestigious and official social professional organization in the field of digital media. Vietnam.. VDCA connects organizations and individuals working in the field of digital communications to contribute to a wide range of digital communications applications and developments. Vietnam Use electronic data.

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