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The Landz’ Estates is the most ambitious real estate NFT

Miami, Florida, June 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)-This is unique as an NFT collection consisting of 5,000 unique mansions, 1,500 unique museums and 500 unique headquarters. .. NFT was designed by the top Metaverse architects in collaboration with the sort leader for NFT spaces. Insights from real-life architects and space designers give it a gorgeous touch and reality. Each property is a work of art with unique features and equipment. Real estate can be rolled out to Decentraland and The Sandbox, with more partners Metaverses announced in the future.

Landz consists of two distinctive aspects: the Estates NFT collection and the Landz software. The Estates Collection allows users to build mansions, museums, or headquarters. Each estate has its own set of features and utilities. However, software is at the heart of the project. Each NFT holder receives a key after mint. This key grants access to the Landz software and allows the NFT to be personalized and deployed in the user-selected metaverse. Decentraland and The Sandbox are supported immediately after launch.

“As a cake icing, Landz allows users to personalize and configure their property.” – Benjamin Jarmonn Co-founder @ Landz.io

Landz states that solving interoperable puzzle pieces is only the first step in a utility journey. Landz also allows users to personalize and configure their property. While an important aspect of the Estates project is generative, Landz gives users the freedom to personalize their experiences and the possibility of uploading NFTs to their own display. As cake icing, users can sign assets with their name, brand, or any wording of their choice. While this article was written, Landz has completed a partnership with Spatial.io. The Landz-Spatial partnership allows each Estates NFT owner to fully use Spatial’s video conferencing technology, which uses its own Landz Estates NFT as a virtual background. For example, if you own a Landz Mansion or Museum and plan to host a virtual gathering, users can communicate with each other in real time via Spatial’s communication technology. Not only that. Headquarters owners can also host meetings, share screens, and collaborate in real time.

Image automatically generated description including indoors, ceilings, buildings, colonnades

“In addition to its intrinsic artistic value, rarity and interoperability, Estate NFT also comes with Landz’Club membership.” – Nathan Cohen, co-founder @ Landz.io

In addition to its intrinsic artistic value, rarity, and interoperable features, Estate NFT also comes with a free Landz’Club membership. As with any club, you’ll have access to community events using DJs, speakers, and community chat to further enhance your Metaverse-related experience. What makes Landz’Club different is its hosting program. Club members can use Club-owned Primelands with several partners Metaverses to deploy assets and host events. Event coordination and related services are provided by the exclusive partners of Landz’s platform. Scheduling tools allow NFT owners to book land a few weeks in advance, rent land monthly from other members, or use Landz’s country club for major events. But that’s not all. Club members are entitled to airdrops offered to the virtual real estate community from various partners and are automatically whitelisted for future real estate NFT releases. As a member of the Landz Club, you can opt in to some more gaming experiences to host in your real estate and participate in how to monetize your property.

Landz is a way to express a multidimensional identity, host a party, or join a growing virtual real estate community. While enjoying it better with syndicated land and resources, it is only part of the cost of developing such a structure.

“Landz is a way to express the identity of the Multiverse, host parties, and participate in the growing virtual real estate community.” – Nick Leger (Ligero), Strategic Advisor @ Landz.io

As a brand, this is a way to display your digital products in a gallery like a museum. As a company, it’s a way to convey your corporate message and culture to the world and bring your employees to your Metaverse headquarters.

“You don’t have to own land to enjoy your assets. With LandzClub, you can fully experience the“ carry and deploy ”benefit of owning virtual assets in the Metaverse. -Jonathan Bouchard (Homerun), Marketing Advisor @ Landz.io

Automatically generated description of images including sky, outdoors, grass and buildings

Landz Estates will drop in the first half of July 2022. Join Discord at https: //discord.gg/landz-nft or follow us on Twitter. https://twitter.com/landz_nft Or, keep track of the latest news on Instagram’s instagram.com/landz.io and join the whitelist for early access to mint.




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