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The Paradox Metaverse to Bring Blockchain Gaming To The Next Level

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LONDON, UK, August 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — London-based Paradox Studios has launched Paradox Metaverse, an open-world action-adventure game built on UE5, with the launch of several unique Announced features and benefits offered. that user. The company aims to revamp the blockchain gaming market and has been working on the Paradox Metaverse for the last few years. Paradox Metaverse utilizes the latest in blockchain technology to bring its “play-to-earn model” to life. Unlike typical open-world games, Paradox Metaverse is free-to-play and adds the option to monetize your time during the game.

The game incorporates an action-packed narrative with third-person shooter and battle royale features, and a strong focus on player customization, allowing gamers to express themselves through their in-game characters and explore the metaverse. You can add to the overall experience. The founders of the project have always maintained the idea of ​​creating a game similar to popular open-world games, but implementing blockchain technology. Current blockchain games do not prioritize graphics or storytelling, which ultimately hinders the overall gaming experience.

Playing to earn features is detailed by founder AmioTalio in an instructional style video, “The Para Guide.” This video is available now on the Paradox Metaverse YouTube channel. Basically, the player must first purchase his NFT character from her NFT collection exclusive to the studio. NFT allows gamers to access play and earn missions. Upon completion, you will be rewarded with the game’s native currency, “P-bucks”, which can be exchanged for the game’s cryptocurrency, $PARA.

As seen in some of the most popular game projects of all time, narrative direction is a very important aspect of the gamer experience. Paradox Studios champions this element, telling users that the game will feature a complex and intriguing storyline that incorporates strong themes such as betrayal, friendship, and complex character development arcs that are revealed as the player progresses through the game. I guaranteed it.

Paradox Metaverse is ready to play in Q4.
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