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This Week In The Metaverse: Barça’s Web3 Play & Roblox Honors Parkland Shooting Victim

Things are moving fast in the metaverse, and throughout the wider world of web3. Depending on who you ask, this futuristic blockchain-based space is either the next big thing in marketing (and pretty much everything else) or a hyped craze. Here’s what you should know from last week…

SEC Indicts 11 In $300 Million “Crypto Pyramid And Ponzi Scheme”

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has indicted 11 people for facilitating an international “fraudulent crypto pyramid and Ponzi scheme,” according to a statement released by the agency on Monday. “We have raised over $300 million from millions of private investors around the world, including the US,” the agency said. Among the individuals indicted include his four founders of Forsage, who were last known to have lived in Russia, the Republic of Georgia and Indonesia, according to the SEC. His three US-based Forsage promoters and “members of the so-called Crypto Crusaders, his group, at least in the United States, are the largest promoters of this scheme operating from five different states.” was also indicted.

Forsage.io reportedly launched in January 2020 as a platform that allows retail investors to start trading using smart contracts. “Forsage has allegedly operated as a pyramid scheme over his two years,” the SEC said, allowing investors to profit from recruiting others. Forsage also deployed a “typical Ponzi scheme structure” to pay early investors using assets from new investors, the SEC claims.

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Joaquin Oliver’s avatar poses in front of Oliver’s virtual portrait. (Credit: Janken Co., Ltd.)

The news arrives on the heels of an investigation launched by the SEC against popular crypto exchange Coinbase. It aims to determine whether the company is illegally allowing its U.S. clients to trade unregistered securities in the form of digital assets.

Ethereum Founder Makes It Rain on Meta’s Parade


Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin believes that despite all efforts to develop the Metaverse, Meta will fall short of its goals. “The definition of ‘the metaverse’ is still not well defined. It’s too early to know what people actually want,” said the 28-year-old, who Time magazine called the “Prince of Cryptocurrencies.” Entrepreneur writes: Tweet on July 30th. Also on July 30, Buterin tweeted to further clarify his views on the company’s efforts in the Metaverse: ”

Virtual Guacaçon Party Celebrates the Life of Joaquin ‘Guac’ Oliver


‘Guacathon’ – the annual birthday celebration of Joaquin ‘Guac’ Oliver, who died in the 2018 Parkland, Fla., shooting massacre – is throwing a party in the Metaverse.

From 2020, Guacaçon was organized by Change the Ref, an organization founded by Oliver’s parents, according to the website. The organization aims to “raise awareness about mass shootings through strategic interventions that reduce the NRA’s impact at the federal level.”

This year’s Virtual Guacazon Party on Roblox will feature a performance by rapper Denzel Curry and Oliver’s artwork designed by Shepard Fairey, the renowned artist behind the iconic Obey brand artwork and Obama’s “Hope” poster. A portrait will appear. Oliver’s virtual avatar will also appear. “We’re not having a moment of silence…we’re having a party,” Oliver’s mother, Patricia, said in a statement. I want his pals to party in his honor and be friends with his Metaverse self.

Developed in partnership with metaverse design studio Melon, the Roblox event will be a “virtual urban festival filled with people listening to music, interacting with art, and shooting hoops,” according to a press release. is designed to A special in-person celebration will be held in New York City today, which is Oliver’s 22nd birthday.

FC Barcelona launches web3 presence


Self-proclaimed “Blockchain-Powered Fan Engagement and Rewards Platform” Socios.com has announced a new partnership with FC Barcelona. Widely known as his one of the most popular football clubs in the world, the club’s goal is to establish the club’s presence in the web3 space. As the club’s “strategic technology partner,” Socios.com will be responsible for “accelerating the club’s blockchain, NFT and web3 strategy,” according to a press release. Chiliz, who owns Socios.com, also invested his $100 million, acquiring his 24.5% stake in Barça Studios, the club’s digital content production and distribution arm, as part of a new deal.

Hackers steal millions of crypto assets from Solana


The Solana blockchain ecosystem was hacked on Wednesday, compromising the wallets of thousands of users and stealing millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency.

The hack happened a day after hackers broke into the Nomad Token Bridge, stealing nearly $200 million in crypto assets. As of Wednesday afternoon, the attack is still underway. Estimates put him as high as $8 million, according to The Verge, but the total amount stolen is still unknown. Solana tweeted on Wednesday that its engineers are working with audit and security experts to “investigate the root cause of an incident where nearly 8,000 wallets were exfiltrated.”

News of the Solana hack came less than a week after the company announced it had opened the doors to a physical store called Solana Spaces in Manhattan.

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