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Will Sorare NFT beat BAYC and MAYC in the long term given its high…

The lesser-known Ethereum-based NFT collection, called Sorare, has made great strides in the recent NFT market. It exceeded the chart of “NFT Collection Ranking by Sales Volume”. In fact, it has more sales than Bored Ape Yacht Club. [BAYC] And Mutant Ape Yacht Club [MAYC] Summarize.

Blimey!It’s a pretty jump

You might ask-why are there sales hype around the Ethereum-based NFT collection? Now, Solare is a fantasy football game where you can exchange official blockchain player cards. The game has over 250 officially licensed clubs, including Liverpool and Real Madrid.

There were 4,044 buyers in the collection yesterday. However, BAYC and MAYC focused on 8 and 17 buyers, respectively. This represents a growing investor interest in the Sorare NFT collection.

Source: CryptoSlam

In addition, in May, Solare announced a contract to launch Major League Baseball and Fantasy Baseball NFT games.

Surprisingly, Sorare CEO Nicolas Julia was able to sign the football sensation Kylian Mbappe. Julia said in a tweet:

“Killian is our exclusive, long-term ambassador and becoming a major investor. Together, we bring Solare to millions of fans. Killian is owned by the player. Accelerate our mission to unite sports fans around the world around the gaming experience. “

This transaction is rapidly demonstrating the impact of signing on price charts. Since then, several indicators in the collection have posted impressive numbers. Despite the bearish headwinds in the market, Solare was able to maintain high sales in June.

The Ethereum-based collection recorded sales of over $ 20.2 million in June with 26,469 unique buyers.

Source: Sorare / CryptoSlam

The collection is backed by the recent resurgence of the NFT market. The NFT market also suffered a recession following the broader market drawdown. But lately, NFT sales have grown exponentially across major blockchains. These conditions prove ideal for ambitious projects like Sorare.


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