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Zuckerberg details his plan to move your digital items across the metaverse

Mark Zuckerberg announced Wednesday that Facebook Pay has officially become MetaPay, but his post focuses primarily on the “Metaverse wallet” that the company wants to build in the future. Meta Pay is basically the same tool as before, but with Meta branding alone, Zuckerberg is working on something that will allow users to manage their identities, items, and payment methods while traversing the digital world where Meta bets. Is called. It will be the future.

The company has previously hinted at these plans. The MetaPay rebranding announced in May states that it “examines what a single wallet experience looks like” when it comes to payments and storage of identity and digital items. However, Zuckerberg’s post focuses primarily on how the company’s Metaverse wallet allows digital ownership proof. He mentions how to use it to create and buy “digital clothing, art, videos, music, experiences, virtual events, etc.”

Zuckerberg admits that this idea is in its infancy.

The concept of a wallet that proves you own a digital item Many It’s like a crypto wallet that holds NFTs. Zuckerberg’s post doesn’t mention blockchain at all, but the company has recently been working on integrating NFTs into Instagram and Facebook. Still, the company doesn’t really say whether it’s actually planning to use cryptography to build the metaverse, or just to get inspiration from it. (Given the history of Meta, the latter may be the best option. Attempts to create real cryptocurrencies have failed and are reported to be investigating non-blockchain-based digital currencies. )

Zuckerberg also said it plans to make Meta’s wallet interoperable so that products can be brought into “any Metaverse experience.” Zuckerberg admits that he doesn’t know what interoperability between businesses will be, but Meta has recently standardized on the language and technology associated with the Metaverse, with the goal of getting everyone on the same page. We supported the formation of groups.

The wallets described in detail by Zuckerberg can be quite far apart, especially if they are intended to be interoperable based on standards that do not yet exist. But that doesn’t mean the company has stopped selling digital items. There are already stores that sell clothes for digital avatars.


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